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Hot Tub Covers & Lifters Miami, FL

A cover lifter is an essential spa accessory that protects your spa, the cover, and your investment. Designed to allow one person to effortlessly fold the cover back and out of the way, a lifter makes it easy for you to be in your spa in seconds, enjoying all the benefits of a daily 20-minute soak. Designed to integrate seamlessly with our Spas. Evenings Delight offers four ProLift® hot tub Cover Lifter options that protect your cover and are easy to use. Call us today to see which is right for your model of spa and your needs.

Unparalleled Quality & Durability

Our covers are built with our customer feedback in mind. Built by skilled professionals, we use only the very best quality materials. We also provide the highest quality water repelling materials, both inside and outside the covers. The covers are built for all climates, from the warm, sunny, Southern areas to the snowy, colder Northern areas of the country. Evenings Delights covers are built to keep your energy bills low while withstanding the coldest environments and heaviest snow loads of our Northern Customers.

Hot Tub Steps Miami, FL

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