Island 130 (No Hood, With Base) + Decorative Hood Overview Miami, FL

Island 130 (No Hood, With Base) + Decorative Hood Overview, Magic Grills, Ortal Fireplaces Miami FL

Island 130 (No Hood, With Base) + Decorative Hood Overview

Ortal carries a wide range of freestanding natural gas fireplaces. Freestanding units are ideal solutions for adding a contemporary fireplace to any space with minimal construction disruption. Featuring an elegant design and advanced safety technology unique to Ortal, this modern freestanding natural gas fireplace harnesses the power of a heat-producing flame while staying cool to the touch.

Passive Cool Wall Technology
- Hang Your TV or Artwork Right Above The Fireplace

Creative Interiors
- Large selection of logs, pebbles and glass

Power Vent System
- Freedom to design without limitations

Direct Vent
- A co-axial flue and sealed glass front

- Unique burner design to ensure clean usage of gas

- Control your fireplace from a mobile device

Heat Control System
- Transfer the heat to another room or outdoors

  • Viewing Area 50" X 14"
  • Gas Type LPG, NG
  • LPG BTU Output / LPG Effeciency 28,500 / 81.40%
  • NG BTU Output / NG Effeciency 37,100 / 77.80%
  • Vent 5x8 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior)
  • Heat Barrier Double Glass
  • Interiors
  • Controls Remote, Wall Switch



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