Space Creator 200 Overview Miami, FL

Space Creator 200 Overview, Magic Grills, Ortal Fireplaces Miami FL

Space Creator 200 Overview

Ortal’s Space Creator is a visually stunning way to separate living spaces while maintaining an expansive look and free flow. Ortal’s unique double glass heat barrier keeps Ortal’s modern Space Creator fireplace cool to the touch. Choose the Space Creator to add a unique element bringing life to any room.

Passive Cool Wall Technology
- Hang Your TV or Artwork Right Above The Fireplace

Creative Interiors
- Large selection of logs, pebbles and glass

Heat Barrier Solutions
- Double Glass or Screen for a safe yet clean look

Power Vent System
- Freedom to design without limitations

- Internal lighting for dramatic effect

Direct Vent
- A co-axial flue and sealed glass front

- Unique burner design to ensure clean usage of gas

- Control your fireplace from a mobile device

Heat Control System
- Transfer the heat to another room or outdoors

  • Viewing Area 80-1/8" x 16 1/16"
  • Gas Type LPG, NG
  • LPG BTU Output / LPG Effeciency 36,700 / 79.30%
  • NG BTU Output / NG Effeciency 51,300 / 73.40%
  • Vent 5x8 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior)
  • Heat Barrier Double Glass, Mirco Mesh Screen
  • Interiors Black Reflecting Glass, Standard Matte
  • Controls Remote, Wall Switch



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