Icon Series Wood Fireplace Miami, FL

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Icon Series Wood Fireplace

The Icon is the industry's largest wood-burning fireplace. Its beauty is highlighted by expansive viewing areas and authentic masonry looks. Let the fire roar with the Icon in the room.

36", 42" or 50" viewing area
Choose bi-fold or cabinet style door options
Clean design allows finishing materials to be applied up to the firebox opening

Fronts A variety of operable door options, available in a black finish, offer a tailored appearance to any hearth.

- Grand Vista
- Contour
- DM Glass Door
Interior Panel Our interior panel offers an authentic appearance with remarkable brick detail.

- Traditional Brick
- Herringbone Brick
Gas Logs Enjoy the ambiance of roaring wood fires without the hassle. Detailed log sets deliver ambiance and unrivaled convenience.

- Grand Oak Gas Logs
Shelves The shelf mantel is available in 48”, 59” or 72” lengths and with designs that accent any room.

- Fillmore Mantel Shelf
- Gifford Mantel Shelf

ICON 60 36" Woodburning Fireplace - Appliance Width: 44-1/2"
- Appliance Height: 59-1/4"
- Appliance Depth1: 27-1/2"
- Appliance Rear Width: 28-5/8"
- Framing Height: 59-3/4"
- Framing Depth: 28"
- Framing Front Width: 45-1/2"
- Framing Back Width: 45-1/2"
- Viewing Area: 36 x 28-1/2"
ICON 80 42" Woodburning Fireplace
- Appliance Width: 50-1/2"
- Appliance Height: 59-1/4"
- Appliance Depth1: 27-1/2"
- Appliance Rear Width: 34-1/2"
- Framing Height: 59-3/4"
- Framing Depth: 28-1/2"
- Framing Front Width: 51-1/2"
- Framing Back Width: 51-1/2"
- Viewing Area: 42 x 28-1/2"
ICON 100 50" Woodburning Fireplace
- Appliance Width: 60-5/8"
- Appliance Height: 70-1/2"
- Appliance Depth1: 29-1/2"
- Appliance Rear Width: 41-5/8"
- Framing Height: 71"
- Framing Depth: 30-1/2"
- Framing Front Width: 61-5/8"
- Framing Back Width: 61-5/8"
- Viewing Area: 50 x 33"

1 Appliance Depth includes entire unit including depth of firebox and extension onto hearth.

Heat output will vary depending on the type of fuel used. The flame and ember appearance may vary based on the type of fuel burned and the venting configuration used. Actual product appearance, including flame may differ from image shown. Refer to the owner's manual for complete clearance requirements and specifications. Product specifications and pricing subject to change without notice. For testing and listing information please refer to the owner's/installation manual.

*For select products: Heating capacity to be used as a guide only. See your local dealer for help in determining the product that best suits your heating needs based on climate and home efficiency.

†For wood-burning appliances: Actual burn times will vary based on how the appliance is operated, load size, moisture content and type of wood used, and installation.



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